December 1, 2010

for 1 day..
sedang khusyuk tido la sampai tgahari..
(ish3..x senonoh punyer anak dara).
then suddenly,
mimpi kan someone..aaauuwww..
mimpi bertemu ngn si dia.
not my future bf.
but my ex-bf.
don't know why.
but mybe miss him a lot.
x pnh jmpe since we break.
we all dah break for 1 years 4 months after couple for 2 years 8 months.
thats was my long relationship with him.
but mybe we are not means to be together.
but dont know why i miss him sampai dlm mimpi oooo..
then bile bgun tido..
the first things yang dtg kat mind is..
die tu xciddent ke.?
pale mmg x blh pikir benda lain.bongoks.
tpi mybe he fine.
one of my bestie said that.
bile kite mmpi someone,
maknenyer kite rindu die.
that one mmg btol pon.
seriously jujur.
sgt merindui die.
then ada yang kata mybe die tu yang rindu kat kite.
don't know la btol ke x.
then ada org lain bgthu.
kalo mimpi like that..
org tua2 kate la kan
mybe kite x kan bertemu or jumpe dgn someone yang kite rindu tu.?