October 22, 2010

kerinduan ngn family tersayang....

ibu, nnti doakan uby jwb exam ok...
nak balik mintk restu x sempat...
ayah pon doakan uby tau..
ibu dan ayah.

ko dah blik time study weeks..
x pe..
nnti time cuti blik bwk gitar tau.
x sbr nk tgk..
lame x dgr suara..
rindu kot...
along n adik.
tunggu kepulangan ku...

oh exam..

first of all,

our schedule for examination was quite good enough.
that's means we all still have time for study even though no study weeks for this sem.
but then there are some probs regarding the deepavali.
then,our schedule have been change from 3 weeks for the exam to 1 weeks.
omg,can imagine that,we are having the pack time table for the exam.
but then, we are going to accept that.
but today, we got the news that our exam on 25-27 will be postpone. the new time table was on 6-10 december.
imagine that we all finid=sh our exam on 1st november.
then will be continue on 6-10 december..
that really fucking awesome.
we all need to study. then having holiday for quite long time but right then we are having the exam.
that sucks..
for them, please make the decision for us.