jgn kmk sgt k.

November 3, 2010

geram giler with that guys...
x tau ape masalah die.
u chat with me just to say that "hari ni ari slase"
so what.
do i care.
i know it very well.
then u are saying that "nk no ekr.?"
what was that.
and the funny thing is that..
u are saying that i'm STUIP and CRAYZ..
aaauuwww..that make u IDIOT infront of me..
that not me but its was u..
fine i know my father name was Khamis Bin Salleh.
but that does not meant that u have the right to condemn my father's name.
no right at all.
and for your info, 
i love my dad very much..
he's the best dad i ever had.
not like u.
awesome damn.