gossip girl.

February 13, 2012

gossip girl.
it's all about girl and gossip.
gossip about everythings. 
peoples , secret admire . crushes . life . love .
actually, we are not seeing each other for almost a year since finish the matriculation.
because of what. we don't get the same U..
so, for this semester break. one of them are coming to KL.
so, hang out together for gossip.
let me introduce our own panel in the gossip group itself.
first of all.
for sure. me myself..
 Miss Rabiekhamis a.k.a ruby
a student. a becoming degree holder in information science, UKM 

our second panel.
Miss NatashaRosli. a.k.a naticot .
 a student . 
a becoming degree holder in artificial intelligent, UITM

and the last but not least, the third panel which is..
Miss Farah Ain. a.k.a fawah.
 also a student.
a becoming degree holder in electrical engineering,UMP

let's start with the searching to find the port for lepaking.
which means for us to start to gossip and laughing for loud out loud. 
so, we are decided to "lepak" at THE SPAGHETTI FARM. 
place an order then find a most suitable tables for three of us to sit. and therefore.

we found thatt..!!
a place besides the mirror. mirror in the wall, who's the most beautiful person. ? hahahaha
soo, having a 3 hours inside the spaghetti farm with the delicious spaghetti. 
start to talk about everything. 
and ignoring the peoples coming inside and outside the restaurant .
at last, only us in the farm. 
then, going to ladies for some touch up before windows shopping.
suddenly, there is an ideas for "camwhoring" inside the ladies itself.
let's take a look where we found the mirror wall .

then, we found the babies room. 
the room for mommy to change everything for their babies . 
but for us, not changing the babies, but continue for "camwhoring"

the end of the day's .
still plan with theese girl for a vacation. 
next trip to penang..!!yeeaaaayyy. 
fun with them.
 awesome time. cheerful moment. crazy things.
that's the end of our "lepaking" story. 

the last picture is about us. from maticulation until now. 

the end .