hey May. Bubye April

May 1, 2012

Hey May 2012..
Happy Labour Day. :)
means byebye April 2012.
we'll see for next year InsyaAllah. :)
there are so many thing to be done in April,and have been done too,
and at last, i have no idea to update the blog because of load load load of works..
for sure May have a lot lot lot of work need to be settle down before it's end.
and not to forget. April are Ibu special Month which means his birthday.
May will become Ayah special month too. he's going 49 years old this year and the last 4 number.
As daughter for them, i always wish and pray the best for them.
and for me too. :)
there is no others things to be merepek and merapu in this post.
so, lets end the entry.

Lot of love,